THESSALONIKI Part II: One extra day in the city

My last post was about what to do if you have only one day in Thessaloniki (check the post here: Thessaloniki Part I)

Now let´s say you have an extra day:

What to do/what to see:

From Thessaloniki you can do nice day excursions to places like Edessa, Halkidiki, Vergina, Kavala, Dion and Meteora or take a cruise to Mt. Athos. If you have time and you like hiking, Mt. Olympus is near by. It is the highest mountain in Greece and famous as Home of the Gods!

I only had time to visit Edessa and Meteora, which means that I have to return to Thessaloniki and visit the rest of the mentioned places. I´ll do it one day, I hope.

Day tour to Edessa/Nymfiao:

Edessa means ‚City of Waters‘. It’s located just 1 ½ hrs by bus from Thessaloniki but it’s quite difficult to go there with public transport. However, you can find many travel agencies that organize trips there. Those day tours are not expensive and are combined with other cities. I did the trip with Zorpidis travel services because it was a public holiday and most of the travel agencies were not offering trips on this day, but there are plenty of travel agencies around the city center for you to chose. There are also different trips depending on if you go in summer or winter time. If you take one of those combined day trips you will depart around 7:30am and come back around 7:00 pm. For example, the day I visited the Edessa waterfalls the tour was combined with a visit to a city called Nymfaio. Price for the whole day was 15€ (only transport included). First we visited the waterfalls in Edessa. Check my pictures:

Edessa waterfalls
Edessa waterfalls
Edessa waterfalls
Edessa waterfalls
Edessa waterfalls
Edessa waterfalls

Then they took us to Nymfiao, where you can visit the Bear information center. Let me tell you that the Brown bear (Ursus arctos) is the only bear species living in Europe. So this is your opportunity to see a bear 🙂

The beautiful path on my way to see the bears
The beautiful path on my way to see the bears

Info about the travel agency I used:

Zorpidis travel services

Address: 24 Mitropoleos str.

546 24, Thessaloniki

Tel: +30 2310 231 168-70

And yes, of course I visited Meteora. But this place is sooo amazing that it deserves its own post. (Check here: Meteora: a place from another world)

Check my next post coming soon about what I liked and disliked from this city, how the people are there and what you can eat in Thessaloniki.

Enjoy it and stay tuned! 🙂

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