INTERVIEW with Danay, a traveler who has toured 81 countries

img_1689This interview was made by Marina Martínez Laporte. Marina is an Argentinian traveler with a blog that is part of a “community” where you can not only travel with her through her stories, but you can also read about many people who inspire her and others to explore the world: Influencers, Photographers and Bloggers. Check her blog at viajando desde casa.


This is the interview that she had with me and you can find it in her blog at this address: Entrevista a Danay

  1. What’s your name? Where are you from?
    My name is Danay Bustamante. I am Cuban, born in the city of Guantánamo, where the famous American military base is. I currently live in Munich, the city where the famous beer festival in Germany takes place. tunesien-3
  2. How and when did @ITravelAndDance start? is a relatively new project. I started it just a few months ago in August 2016. The few articles that I have published are all in English and now I am slowly adding the Spanish version. In September 2015 (exactly one year ago) I quit my job at a German tax and audit company to go to Africa as a volunteer to work with children and then I stayed there. My only mistake was to buy a roundtrip flight. The trip was so interesting that I ended up paying to change the return flight and I stayed 5 months traveling through different countries in Africa. I was actually thinking of looking for a job when I returned to Germany, but once I got home I bought a new flight to Asia and I got lost again in another continent. At that time it was not my intention to start writing. I used to travel a lot before and now I am never really at home.

img_6267How did the idea come about? I really like dancing and combined with the idea of traveling, these are my 2 biggest passions. I have been traveling to salsa events in different countries of the world for years. Every time I met my salsa friends in each country the questions they asked me were always the same: how do you manage to travel so much around the world and when are you going to start your own blog? These friends sent me a few stories of people traveling the world and writing about their experiences. From there came the idea of “itravelanddance”. All due to the insistence and perseverance of my friends. Haha! So now I can share my traveling experiences and inform others about places to dance in each country I go.

What do you like most about discovering the world?

I like to discover the world and the world helps me to discover myself too. As I discover new countries I add arguments to my list of why I want to continue traveling. It is simply fascinating to see how many interesting places are hidden in each country and we do not know even a small part of them. I love to plan my trips in advance because then I am informed about everything that can be discovered. Yet at the same time I love the adventure of reaching a new place and finding something unexpected that enriches me even more and makes me happier. The world is full of totally different cultures and each one is special in a certain way. It is full of wonderful places to discover and people who you do not know yet but then they become essential in your life. Also … it is full of talented dancers who do not have the opportunity to travel. What I like the best about discovering the world is precisely that: to meet these cultures, to visit those places, to add those people to my heart and to dance with those salseros to as many songs as possible.

  1. What does it mean for you to travel? What is your place in the world?

Traveling represents for me the possibility of using my body‘s 5 senses in all its magnitude:

Smell: Nature smells different in every country: the smell of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest is totally different from the sulfuric smell of the Dallol craters in Ethiopia, one of the most impressive places I have ever visited.

Touch: Touching a koala, which is my favorite animal, I could only do it in Australia or have the pleasure of hugging and playing with the African children I worked with while volunteering. I could do that in Malawi.

Taste: Tasting the culinary diversity that this world offers us is fascinating. From a good risotto or Italian pizza at a restaurant in Rome to good Japanese sushi made with fresh fish in the Asakusa area in Tokyo. Or just an original Philly cheese steak sandwich that you only get on the streets of Philadelphia in the United States. I have been told that Peruvian food is currently the number one in the international cuisine, so I will have to go to Peru soon.

Sight: To describe what my eyes have seen in recent years I would need a much longer interview. Haha! But I have seen many canyons (among them the 3 longest in the world) and many waterfalls (among them the 3 most famous in the world ). The views while climbing the Kilimanjaro, one of the highest mountains in the world, are indescribable! Especially when you are over 4000 meters high, completely above the clouds… Wow!

Hearing: either listening carefully to the stories of the people I have met in all the countries or simply listening to the traditional music of each culture I visit. Wonderful!

None of that can be done from home.

Traveling for me means to feel alive, to live my dreams. My place is precisely that: the world in its splendor. In every country I leave a bit of myself.



  1. A dream, something you look for.

To visit all the countries of the world (I’m counting now 81 countries visited) and dance with all the passionate salseros (those I can not count, haha). In November I am starting my next adventure through new African countries and I will be summarizing every day what I live through while traveling. I hope you will follow me and enjoy my daily reports.

  1. A word that identifies you.

Adventurous, Dynamic and Positive, but if you force me to choose only one I would say: ADVENTUROUS!


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  1. It will soon be 2 years since you quit your job! And if not wrong, you should be around number 90 right now. So great!!

    1. Yes. I can’t believe it has been 2 years already. Wow. Time flies when you are having fun. Haha
      I’m right now half way of visiting all the countries in the world. I’m at 98

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