The Bavarian-Cuban-Dream-Team at Oktoberfest – Part I

Hearts from Oktoberfest

Working at Oktoberfest? Me? No… I can´t do that. Haha… I thought that I couldn´t and it took me actually 15 years to decide to apply for the first time for this job and guess what! I got it. My Mom wasn´t happy about it. She asks why I studied so many years and I graduated from the university only to end up working as a waitress. What can I say? First, I do like it. It´s lot of fun. And second… it´s good, quick money to finance my biggest addictions: traveling and dancing.

How did I come to work at Oktoberfest now? And why? Well… here is the story:


I moved to Munich in November 2002 without speaking a single word in German. My first visit to Oktoberfest was in 2003. I didn´t even have a Dirndl or money to buy one, so I borrowed a Lederhose from a friend. (Yes, girls can also wear Lederhosen, but of course the Dirndls are sexier, haha) And so I went to my first Oktoberfest. I was amazed… WOW! So big! So many people. So much beer. Such great music. So much dancing and singing. So many rides to try. It´s crazy!

My first time at Oktoberfest with Lederhosen in 2003

Since then, I have been visiting Oktoberfest every single year even though I don´t drink beer at all. Everybody knows how much I love partying and Oktoberfest is a huge, HUGE party and they actually sell other drinks apart from beer too (for those who didn´t know about this).

Eating the big pretzel (Brezn) at Oktoberfest
Enjoying Oktoberfest with friends
Enjoying Oktoberfest with friends

I went there a few times per year and I always watched with great respect all those waitress carrying so many beers but I have never ever thought that I could be one of them. This is a hard job. Plus, everyone said that it´s impossible to get accepted as a waitress if you don´t have a lot of experience or contacts there, so I never really tried before.

Oktoberfest 2011 with oversea friends
Oktoberfest 2011 with oversea friends
Oktoberfest 2011 with oversea friends


In September 2015 I quit my job at the tax company with the idea of traveling for a few months and then come back and look for a new job. However I became so addicted to my trips (and I´m still loving it so much) that I just couldn´t stop traveling. Now you can imagine that after 2 years of traveling almost non stop (Oct 2015-Sept 2017) there is no money left, so I had to look for a way to earn and save enough money to continue traveling for a little while, haha. That‘s how Oktoberfest came to my mind again. I mean, think about it… I live in the city that celebrates the biggest beer festival in the world. Believe it or not, there are many people that take their official holidays from their normal job to work at Oktoberfest. There are also many people that come from other cities and even some neighboring countries to work here and earn extra money. So… why not me? It´s my city and I actually have no job. So I decided to take a holiday from my traveling life to come back „home“ and work. Haha!

Oktoberfest 2015 with my cousin and friends
Oktoberfest 2015
Oktoberfest 2015 with my cousin and friends


In November 2016 I started my solo overland West African trip not knowing when I was coming back and not knowing where to work next to make some money. But before I left for the African continent I prepared my curriculum for a waitress position at Oktoberfest and I sent it to myself via email. I have heard that I have to apply with a team of at least 2 persons, otherwise I won´t have any chance. I had no connections and I didn´t know anyone wanting to work there but I started asking everybody until a friend of mine told me that she knows a German girl who also wants to apply for this job for the first time. The girl (Sophia) contacted me when I was in Africa. I sent her my curriculum and she applied for both of us together as a Bavarian-Cuban team in all possible tents at Oktoberfest. We got refused by many tents with the argument that we don´t have enough experience as a waitress or that they are full or that they give priority to their own waitress every year. (Btw I have worked as a waitress for about 9 years in diferent Latin Bars in Munich while I was studing at the university but of course I admit that Oktoberfest is a much more hardcore, haha).


I continued my West African trip and the day came in May 2017 when we got a confirmation for a waitress job at the Tradition Festzelt Oide Wiesn. OMG!!! I couldn´t believe it. I had to read the email 5 times and then write to Sophia to check if she has received the same email. I was jumping with happiness! So I booked my return ticket to Munich and I came back home to sign the contract.

It was then the 14th of September. We had an appointment at 3pm directly at the Tradition Festzelt where we were informed about a few important aspects about the job and we had to register ourselves. I finally met Sophia (my partner) in person also on this same day. We had to build a 4-waitress team just to be flexible with the hours, so that 2 of us can come later or take a break or go home early when there is not much work. Fortunately we found 2 great waitress (Gisela and her daughter Pam) that have been working there since the beginning when this tent opened in 2010. They showed us a few tricks about how to carry the beer mugs and the food. I tried with the empty mugs and I thought I would die… They were so heavy!!! One empty mug weights 1.2kg and 2.2kg when it´s full…OMG!!! Can I really do that? I couldn´t even sleep that night… and I was dreaming about beer carrying! hahaha.

With Sophia, Gisela and Pam (from left to right) Oktoberfest 2017

How was the experience working at Oktoberfest you can read it in my next post coming soon.

Enjoy it and stay tuned!


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