West Africa overland Part V – Benin II

Benin II

From Cotonou to Dassa-Zoumé

Going Off-the-beaten-path

This article is part of a sequence of posts about my experience traveling by bus in West Africa. 

Distance: 203kms

Price: 5000 CFA (7.50€) but it could also be 7000 CFA (10.50€)

Duration: From 7:00am till 11:00am – Total: 4 hrs

Bus company: ATT (Ayina Transport et Tourisme )


On an early January day I went from Cotonou to Dassa-Zoumé. I heard there are few nice places to hike there and it’s not so far from Cotonou and on my way to the north. It was perfect because I wanted to see more of the countryside and this could be a good stop.

Hiking in a mountain next to a village called Radio Ìléma

In order to take this bus you have 2 options:

The bus departs from Plaza Etoile Rouge at 7am and yes, they were on time…wowwww. You can go early in the morning one hour before the departure time and buy your ticket on the spot paying 5000 CFA (7.50€) but there is a risk that the bus could be full, what actually happened this day. The other option was the one I did because I wanted to be sure that I’ll travel this day. So you can book your ticket one day before but in this case you have to reserve a seat all the way to Parakou, no matter that you will use it only half way until Dassa-Zoumé. For this ticket you will pay 7000 CFA (10.50€) (2000 CFA more)

This was my 4th bus trip in West Africa. It was one of the shortest and easiest. Nothing special or different happened during this trip but there are some adventures to come in the next posts/bus rides.

The bus from Cotonou to Dassa-Zoumé

But for you to know: Many buses in some parts of West Africa works like this that sometimes you have to pay the full amount of the ticket until the last stop even if you want to travel only a part of the journey but in this way you can secure your seat.

Otherwise it’s risky if you don’t book in advance and believe me…the buses are almost always full and sold out.

This applies for the big busses. For small busses and shared taxis is a different story that I’ll tell in few post later on.

The market in Dassa-Zoumé


My guesthouse in Dassa-Zoumé

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More adventures coming soon.

Enjoy it and stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “West Africa overland Part V – Benin II

  1. Hi, solo traveller who wants to do west Africa. It’s so hard to find a blog with similar interests and I have so many questions for you, I’m not sure really where to start. Thanks for the cool blog.

    1. You are welcome Luke. If you have any specific question you can contact me via Instagram or Email. Wish you good luck in West Africa. You will love it there

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